Note from Mike: A common question I get asked is how to generate good stock ideas. This applies to job seekers looking for a good interview stock pitch all the way up to seasoned stockpickers. Alistair Clark is with us today to talk about how to structure our days to get more good ideas to pop into your head. I even learned some new tricks from Alistair, so I hope you enjoy.

Are you trying to break into a career the buy side?

Are you struggling to come up with creative stock ideas that will make you stand out in interviews?

Information overload could be to blame.

Not only does constantly consuming information leave you physically and mentally exhausted, it can also kill your creativity. And when you're pursuing a career where a few creative stock ideas can be the difference between succeeding and failing, then this is a huge problem.

In this article I'll dig into how information overload affects your creativity, and present a solution for sparking game-changing creative ideas without having to hit the "mute button" on the rest of the world.

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The most common excuse I receive regarding going to business school to get an MBA is, "I can't afford it." Well, here's a news flash for those that use this excuse:

No one can afford business school. 

The typical business school student does not have the greater than $100K required to attend the average business school. I sure didn't have that much money when I entered business school. In fact, knock the "K" off the previous number and that's more like what I had in the bank back then.

It's important to recognize that going to business school is an investment in yourself that has an almost guaranteed positive return. To illustrate this, the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School sent me a nice infographic showing the ROI of an MBA.

Two things stood out to me as interesting ...

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